The Products You Should Buy in April Month

One of my favorite aspects of managing a blog is seeing all the looks and products that you all liked. There have been so many repeats of last summer this month, which is always a good sign. For example, these Nike sneakers and this Free People Top are hot ticket items forever now! I try to gravitate towards more seasonal pieces (even if it’s easy to get distracted by all the fun trends). So if I buy the same parts over and over again, it gives me the certainty that I am on the right track. That is, there were a couple of new favorites that will take you straight to the summer. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

1. Horse Bag

This bag has caught fire recently! There are so many ways to wear it, so it’s worth the investment! This is also a real classic in my book!

2. Sneakers Daybreak

I love the fact that many of you buy these sneakers because they are so comfortable and easy to comb. You are my go-to for every day.

3. Crocheted bag

The best bag for the summer, if you are someone who walks a lot, but always wants to look chic. I love its lightness and durability.

4. Thermal tee

Here is one of my favorite basics of all time. This T-shirt is still sold out, but I found it in stock in all sizes. Click here to buy!

5. Panama Hat

This straw hat was a hot seller last year and was finally topped up a few weeks ago. Be sure to grab it before it sells again. The price below is unbeatable – and it competes with my rag & Bone hat!

6. Shirt With Buttons

This square shirt has cuffs with a belt and a high hem, which is perfect for putting on. I bought it in black last year and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on white.

7. High Dunk Sneakers

If you are ready to show off with a pair of fashionable sneakers, the Nike Dunk High will not disappoint you. The high silhouette in the colors black and white is so chic and sporty.

8. Leggings Airbrush

Alo leggings never disappoint-they are always smooth as butter and envelop you. The 7/8 legging is my favorite cut.

9. Linen pants

When the temperatures are rising and you need something airy and breathable, these Abercrombie pants come to the rescue.

10. Trousers with split hem

Change up your usual work pants with this split-hem pair that easily doubles as an evening piece.

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